The Strawberry – Hut

Hooray! Thougth it’s still frosty, bare and grey the strawberry – hut is back!

Suddenly one mornig, I trudeged along the way I go every morning, it was there. Window’s are still closed and none is in but I’m excited now!

It’s not only because in my little village doesn’t happend that much. No, it has a profound meaning.

strawberry hut

You might wondering why a simple wood hut should be important?

Because I claim, that is the first reliable sign that spring is close. In the past spring-cataloges or chocolate bunnys fullfilled the task to prefigure summerseason, nowadays these stuff pops up at christmas.

Actually ‘the strawberry – hut’ is supposed to sale local products and I’ve never seen  a local strawberry before june, but I dont wanna probe so smart – aleck I’m just overjoyed that springtime is near and these eternal dark and cold winter ends up soon. Hopefully!


First thing I’ll rid out then are the mud boots.


mud boots


Goodby eternal endless mud!!!

Welcome summer shoes 😉  This is only a small range 😉




Are you fed up with something? Just let me know – Tutti will shredder it for you.

Or you found signs of hope for something- what- ever – tell us!

Time for a change – give it to me!

Just send me an email to with your picture or use comments to share your link or your message with us.

Happy springtime  to you and beware of gibberish – Tutti!

crap mill

You need more handy gadgets – check ‘The Digitalizer’

Or what’s about some beach for you? Flat with ocean view


@Bitter Ben


Done – glorious blue sky for you:



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