Handy Hint

Did I ever mention that I’m a computer expert?

You can’t be skilled enough these days! My computer, for exampel, has sometimes quite maverick ideas or refuses generally work. First when he started these jokes with me I scold him, *****  old geezer, but that did’nt help at all!

Than I’ve changed my politic. The landmark was to honor him. I started to tell him how  important he is for my live, how greatful I’m for his daily present and reliablity and that I love him. I beged for pardon for all the nights I did’n swich him off.

If I have  a malfuntion now I power him down. While waiting I paint him a heart sticker as sign a of my affection. Belive me it works!

Ebay März 2013 Moritz 131


In this example he suddenly claimed ‘ I don’t know the camera, have never know her, I can’t read it, have no connection!” He didn’t answer when I asked him if she ( the camera ) was bitchy to him  or whatever. (Guess, he does’nt come out easily with his issues.)  I remained calm, ruled ‘LOVE + PEACE + WORK’ put a new sticker on the lines. And what shell I tell you…?

It works or I could’nt + would’nt write this post!

If you need a handy answer to a tricky problem,  feel always free to ask me.

Beware of gibberish – your Tutti

Some well prepared answers you can find here:

Interesting facts about computering

The Cloud


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