Tuttisophie # 4 Peevedness

Somebody peeves you?


Wait a moment before you get annoyed and ask yourself if you truly wish the entire world would be like you…


You are displeased? Visit my converter under the Strawberryhut .

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2 thoughts on “Tuttisophie # 4 Peevedness

  1. Hey Tutti, Could you do me a favor and draw a picture of a school that has the words B.I.T.T.E.R.? I really want to use it for my blog. That would be awesome! It is a school for kids to learn how to be bitter. What do you think?

    • Cool! Like playing together, the idea already jumps around my mind. Weekend will grapple with ;-)I agree with you – schools teach the wrong things! Already see first imagines. Hey I’m one of the incurable Optimists. Could we write ‘bitter for better’ or ‘this is a school where math is abandoned’ or at least voluntary?

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