A New School

Despite the fact, that I can not really draw, I’ve got my first contract.

Skills are anyway generally overrated. There are very successful pop singer who can’t sing at all and politicians without the remotest idea about their political topic.

I guess I’ m a kind of modern Leonardo da Vinci who, is well versed  in all and everything. 

Blinkered people might claim, got the order because I do it for free. Well that’s a pointless discussion, better let’s start with the work. 

Got these message from Ben’s Bitterblog:

“Hey Tutti, Could you do me a favor and draw a picture of a school that has the words B.I.T.T.E.R.? I really want to use it for my blog. That would be awesome! It is a school for kids to learn how to be bitter. What do you think?”

Oh – I love mind- ping-pong! Saw very quick a picture of a building, with a grumpy face in my imagine. But is it really so simple?

The problem with my colorful mind is, when something interesting drops in, it starts a highly productive process I can’t influence anymore.

As an architect of a new building I asked myself. What is the need? What does make people bitter?

First of all, what is bitterness?

We all have good reasons to get annoyed, to feel sad or unhappy. Live is not always nice and we have to grapple with problems. But this doesn’t make people inevitably bitter! Bitterness is a long-lasting process of anger cultivating. Pented- up anger becomes grudge and  rehashed grudge finally ends up in bitterness. Here we are – this is my list :

1. Stuck in the past

1. Other bear the blame

1. Living against the own nature

1. Arguing with the reality

1. Perfection

1. Futility

No claim of completeness or correctness – check by yourself * 

Being the ghost of your own ruin makes bitter

Being the ghost of your own ruin makes bitter



Other have to care for my happiness. Other are responsible for my well-being.

Expect consequently other people to fulfill you your needs. If they refuse or fail it entitles bitterness  for ever.

Insistent in, that the rest has to behave how you think it’s right.



This street is really mean! I’ve told it a hundred times to stop the traffic! Well, I do not demand that much, just the little favor to stop the cars. Must sit here, all day long because this idiot of a street is so brutal! I hate this street.




Mister, could you help me?

I would like to cross the street but the traffic clutches me on this wall.



Shure, I’m big and strong. It’s a pleasure for me, Madame.




….will you wait then? When I feel like coming back, you must stop the traffic again!




No problem at all, Madam! Down the street, is a tube under the street, you can use for a safe way back home. Have seen a few times a blue cat coming across trough that tunnel.



Eeeeek, I know that bitch! Blue fur, I mean that tells everything about her character!!!!

I don’t walk trough a dirty drain tube!






Oh, excuse me Madame, I have to go… Good by..


What a critter! These ratbags are all the same!




.. Live is crappy! It’s only friendly to the big and strong! And they don’t care all …

I hate streets and elephants!



Out there, rumors and stereotypes goes round, how it’s supposed to be. To get people bitter, they must learn to follow  stereotypes and dedicate all their live in fulfilling other people’s expectations. Force the cow to climb a tree, the fish living on shore, lock a bird under the earth and educate a  desert lion into a swimmer and you may be shure, they all will become bitter. It’s essential to ignore different needs,  personal traits and the inner voice.

this cow learns to climb a tree

this cow learns to climb a tree








Some things are easier to handle good with ,when you accept them.

Example: ANTI – AGEING




Perfection makes bitter, because nothing on earth is perfect.  …seen from a human standpoint 🙂 … There are always at least 5% flawed.



Darling, my cocktail is to warm…



…next time we book somewhere else!



That works on two levels.

A: Your live circles only around yourself and your own pleasure. Logically – if live is not funny, it is senseless = time-wasting – that makes bitter!

B: Without a bigger perspective or concept of live, problems are a mood of fate. People, who can find a sense in their difficulties doesn’t get bitter. Yes, may be they are sad, frightening, or angry but not bitter. The conception doesn’t need to be necessarily religious. Some say ” I do this for my children” of for a better world or whatever…. Some find their peace in the sublime thought ” It is horrible, but now I give my knowledge to other people ” or “when “I look back – I grew with the challenge”. Some might say “that’s too much asked” may be, yes. I can’t judge about – I do simply an enumeration of bitterising.

Without a deeper meaning, people feel like foliage in a storm.

Without a deeper meaning, people feel like foliage in a storm.


But I wasn’t asked to hold a lecture – sorry, bad habit – here is my first draft of a construction plan!

Please pay close attention to the little details:

  • Added a fence and a cage to pent-up things.
  • In the basement are dark caves to cultivate anger in grudge and  keeping old things eternal fresh. Monsters feel well there in the dark and the caves are also handy to lock birds in.
  • Windows have all grids and shutters – nothing in – nothing out – a change-free zone. Shutters bars the sun out and blocks  getting any kind overview. 
  • Way to school goes up a hill, that means trudge through every school attending




 An other version of  bitter buildings are these face and soulless bunker




Just let me know what you think about my  draft of architecture and urban planning!

On Tutti’s World, we do not finish so gloomy and not with an ugly building – NEVER. My ‘GOOD BY’ today is something I wished to do all my elementary school years, but didn’t dare. The care taker was a bitterly poison dwarf, a ‘children disliker’ – now he get’s it back 😉




Happy learning, in and outside schools, to everybody and beware of gibberish – Tutti

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21 thoughts on “A New School

    • Thanks for your comment, alomst expected it 🙂 I did not say say other have the right to ignore the human rights, to act ruthless or to be encroaching. I said “the EXPECTATION other are responsible for my happieness MAKES BITTER”. Contradiction is very inspiring – now I’ve one more answer post in my waiting line for you…

      • Hehe – I expected that you expected my reply. Sometimes I can surprise others by unexpectedly doing what’s expected of me.

        “the EXPECTATION other are responsible for my happieness MAKES BITTER”.

        Wow that’s a very analytical (that is to say sharp) way to put it. You are right – contradiction can be very inspiring – depends on the context. So I am trying to contradict above, but I can’t.

      • Hey Healing wonderer everything is fine, you are most welcome! > I equally like serious and playful conversations.< Wonderful, me too 😉

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  3. Tutti – you are very insightful (and very clever).
    I totally agree with you that skills are somehow overrated nowadays. In fact, if more people were encouraged to think (perhaps by reading blogs like yours) and – very importantly- use their imagination, I think their world would be better and also, perhaps, the world in general…

  4. I can only say that this post was a work of pure genius. Clearly, The Mighty Tutti has great insight into all matters. And her goodbye to the nasty caretaker was exquisite!! Again, pure genius here!! : )

    • Oh Mark, your comments are always so friendly. I feel honored when you, as someone who is a really good drawer, takes the efford to look behind my plain pic’s to spot the message 🙂

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