Tuttisophie #8 Foolish

tutti 006


Have a share of my wisdom – I answer everything!


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12 thoughts on “Tuttisophie #8 Foolish

  1. 😀 Oh, holy molly – it gets better and better! I laughed my bitter half off over this.
    Did I mention you shall receive a new ABC award for the whole Tuttisophie series?

      • They are pearls, Tutti. To reply to your other question here: if you meant in earthly terms, I would qualify btw not so fresh any more, but not yet too stale.
        On my own planet I am still within the first cycle of eternity.

      • Oh, all beings are very welome on Tutti’s World. Have galore space for comments and cozy hide chat-corners 🙂
        …hm, have one more question. Do you like your life?

      • Yep – great planet here. lol
        During the spring we only have saturdays, and during the summer we only have sundays. Every saturdays we make gifs, on every sundays we reblog. Our language is gibberish, and we look a lot like your Tuttisophie pics.

      • Awarding is great – which weekday is scheduled for on your awesome planet?
        Oh I’m used the phenomena being ahead of my time. If you like to know what get’s popular in a few years – just join me 🙂
        That’s why I’ve learned not to bother about narrow views!

      • Oh, shoot, how unblogger of me: I overlooked this question.
        Any weekday between a saturday.

        I will grant you the award in the next couple of weekdays.

  2. I totally gotcha. It’s just I am *not always* good at time travel. 😦
    That’s why I am stuck in the saturdays and sundays over here, I guess. But luckily on my planet it doesn’t spoil the forever sunday weather. 🙂

    And of course I join your mission – would love to know what get’s popular in a few years.
    You rock!

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