Tuttisophie # 9 Adverse Opinions



Happy people belives the entire world must be happy.

Unhappy people think: “I am the only one who feels so miserable!”





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26 thoughts on “Tuttisophie # 9 Adverse Opinions

  1. Here I go again, the expected one, stuck again. I can’t push myself in either category.
    I feels so miserable because the entire world isn’t happy.
    Can thou help, oh knower of all things. ???

    • It’s not helpful to squash in things which doesn’t fit! BTW unfortunately, thought I know quite a lot,I don’t know everything. Just said ‘I answer everything’ . You see, I can be very picky with the subtles. But it’s my mission to create answers – here we are: Create your own biosphere (that’s more comprehensiv than a plain narrow-minded category)you can agree with and you feel well in!

      • Very much agreed, we should be picky and precise, or like gods are supposed to be as per Einstein: subtle but not malicious.

        One’s very own biosphere – true! I think I have tried to express something similar, although from an adverse perspective and by invoking a cat’s view from a trashcan:

        “Seven billion narcissistic cats: grab the day and hide”

        Am wondering what’s your meow on that adverse opinion.

      • Here my meow:
        I’m very interested in how can I live a good live.
        How can I spend a lot of time with the people I love.
        How can I become acquinted with more wonderful people.
        How can I share my experiences.
        How can I learn things I’m interested in.
        How can I inspire people whith my skills.
        How can I grow.
        And I am always very interested in finding answers to a problem.
        But I’m a supporter of the Idea to light a fire is much better, than rant at the darkness!

      • You all of a sudden sound bitter and dark, and you are definitely ranting. What happened? Something hit a chord? Trouble in your one-person size paradise? The fire you wanted to light is not there?

      • I finally got it. The reason why this whole thing triggers me is because this is how we were educated back then in the communist block:

        to be happy, positive, to enjoy our little happy life, biosphere, no matter what, while we were being killed in every way: mentally, physically, morally, etc, and it was a matter of sheer luck if a morally non-zero person could actually survive among those shit-head communists. This is exactly what’s happening on a global-scale. Everyone is smiling while a global dictatorship is unfolding, and everyone is okay as long as they are okay. Just like those comrades back then – exactly.

        With that said, I need to add: I didn’t mean to offend. I feel bad for you guys, you don’t know any better. But if you would know what I know about what’s happening, you would be much more triggered than I am.

  2. “Aha, that’s very interesting for me. Thanks for this contribution! (..and that’s why I asked so intrusiv 🙂 )Was wondering if you feel good with your bitterness?”

    In reply to above: yes I do. On the other hand, it would feel bad to feel sweet in a bitter world.

      • Oh, okay, this time I finally got it. Thus far I thought your philosophy and intellectual complexity amounted to more than just “your feeling good”. Sorry for bothering you with something more than that.

      • Dear Healing Wonderer, you are free to think what you want. When I don’t share your opinion than I’m shallow? That’s funny! Happy blogging to you…

  3. Happy blogging to you as well! 🙂
    Sorry if my adverse opinion came across as “adverse”. Such is the nature of opinions. Meanwhile I added the next ABC award for you on my goofy blog.

  4. I’m happy when I read Tutti wisdom, that’s why I recommend Tutti to the entire world! Clearly I’m a person who believes in spreading the joy around, especially when that joy is Tutti!! : )

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