*This picture- story contains 15 pic’s – don’t miss it*

My son thinks I’m picky,

Who are you 001


my neighbour thinks I’m sloppy!

Who are you?002


The queen tells me I’m a looser and thinks I’m her servant,



people in my village thinks I’m  utterly crazy, (OMG – she wears a hat!!)

Who are you004


and people at work thinks I’m clairvoyant.

Who are you005


My english teacher told me that I’m stupid,

Who are you 006


my audience thinks that I’m brilliant, ( or at least they don’t demand their money back)

Who are you007


and Emi, my dog, think’s I’m the master  of the universe because I can open up all kind of food, inclusive the fridge door!



Acquaintences say that I’m funny,

Who are you009


(… ok, sometimes I exaggerate… but I promis, I’m the most harmless person I’ve ever met…..)

Who are you010


friends says I’m profound,

Who ate you011


magazines says I’m a walking problematic area.

Who are you012


Merman thinks I’m sexy,

Who are you013


Nerd doesn’t think that much about me, he is always busied with getting things done (I assume he must rescue the world)

Woh are you014


…and really none can know what blueman thinks behind his Mona Lisa smile…..

who are you015


And, what do you think – who is right?




Oh, they are all right!


Hey Folks, eye up the Queen or Nerd and bear in mind to beware of gibberish!

By for now – TUTTI


8 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?

    • Oh English Gardener that a wonderful comment. We are all unique, but unfortunately we forget that fact sometimes. THANK YOU SO MUCH – for remembering me …and every one else… !!! 😉

  1. One more thing – this post is truly fantastic in that apart from being humorous, it manages to be both personal and universal and is also very thought provoking in that it makes you reflect on your own life.
    Well, at least it did me, so thank you for making me smile and think!

    PS: People in your village obviously don’t have the slightest bit of fashion sense – that hat is fab 😉

    • I’m HAPPY to read that you look behind the joking front! Indeed thats what I wish to do ! It’s a bit like true live, what we experience happends always on different levels 🙂
      PS: Totally agree with your meaning about my village dwellers – one more good reason to love London!

    • My adoptiv Blog-Dad from US is sooo kind 🙂 That makes me threefoldly sorry to contradict you. You are funny, very verrrry funny, in a very adorable way funny… So sorrrry hope you ‘ll forgive me!

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