Monster Teatime

Lately have got these mail from a friend:


“Inside my video game, all these strange creatures don’t like me 😦  I hope by the end we can sit for a spot of tea”.

A couple of days later he send me this:

“Hey this is a picture of my new wicker deck chairs you were asking about.  Please ignore the bright blue & white flowery table cover that doesn’t go at all” 😉



Thought I do him a favor. Have melded the emails and desires – LOOK °-°


Think – colors fits much better now

New table cover made of  computer monsters, made a slip cover for the metal chair and added cozy pillows of the remains.  LOVE best possible utilization!

Ready for teatime?Balkon004


Unarmed they seem to be really nice guys….


Do you like it?

Let me know what you think….

See more about computer & me


9 thoughts on “Monster Teatime

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