Tutti’s World G – Land

Hooray Tutti’s World –  Germany is online.

Tutti’s Welt

Here a few peep pic’s!



The main reason for me to decide for a second blog was the language interface hitch. Unfortunately it is not possible to use two langages. I would love to know If my posts appear in the reader categories when I write them in english with german interface?!  If anyone can help – I would be greatful!

Besides my friends here complained that they would also like to understand what I do, (..wonder if that is  basically possible at all ???? :-)) and read my blog.

But because I’m a playfully person I wasn’t enthusiastic  to repeat myself and doing the same things again. So I decided to put some of my crafts on a second blog.

OMG – finding, cull and shrink the pic’s was a donkey work! Didn’t know that I have so many pictures even though a lot of the older pieces are not digital. Hope you like it and you come along for a visit in G -Land. Would love to welcome you there !

Let me know what you think and beware of gibberish – TUTTI


Masonry Heater


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