Hey you –  It’s very nice to see you on my blog!

that is me001

Life can be crazy, wonderful, mad, mean, exciting, surprising, serene, happy, boring and much more… Sometimes all at the same time!

This blog  is my new platform to report about  😉

Since I’ve started blogging on ‘Tutti’s World’  everything looks like stick- man -pictures. Highly addictiv!

Recently asked: “What do you like doing in your sparetime” I answered “scanning”.

Hope you have fun here and my little storys and pictures are entertaining for you. I promise it’s all true!

Enjoy my world with me and beware of gibberish –  TUTTI




Hey Tutti, how did’t you start this blog?

Somehow coincidently! Stumbled in! The first stickman story I have made ,was for a friend after a missreading. It was a lovely way to express myself without intellectual explanations. * A first story

Than, not by a long strech I had quite rainy days and a lot of pented up things needed to be expressed. * How Supertutti is Born  * Feaver



 Why are you blogging in english?

The first story, for the above mentioned friend, was in his language – english. Have noticed than that doing the storys in an other language abstracts everything, makes it less personal. I’ve started loveing it!



Where are you from?

Well that’s top secret because Tutti’s world is my personal prankzone. But for all the curious out there I drop some tiny hints:

My nation is famous for being humorless, industrial and correct. We are honored for our technologie and despised for the fact that we know all (- better).

World loves our cars, it must be admitted that we can play soccer and Oktoberfest is ours. We are supposed to eat all day long sauerkraut and dwell in half – timber – houses behind some mountains.

If you find out where I’m from, you can win one of the awesome brabeums of this post * GBD. (It contains, by the way,  more good explanations about my writing manners!)



You claim that everything you report here is true?

Yes everything here on my blog is the pure truth considered from my standpoint!


And that was about at it….. TSCHÜSS


19 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I happen to be very fond of stick people (probably because my artistic talents lend themselves to that genre). I’ll (to quote our un-illustrious former governor) be back. ;o)

    • At a first glance it might seem so 🙂 but don’t we inevitably see the world from our own standpoint? Hey I’m an inquiring mind – what is your definition of truth?

      • Very true. Ha, look at that. As we were talking about defining it I used that very word. I think there are some universal truths, like science and then there are truths like you just said, that are based on our own standpoint. I don’t profess to know any. I only try my best to speak the truth as in, not lying about my own actions.

  2. Your blog has been nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by the HewToons Editorial Board!

    Visit http://hewtoons.com/awards/ ‎for more information. (Please do not make inquiries of Mr. Walker. He is quite bitter that Keith Hodgesons named on the award given to HewToons.)

    • Surprise 🙂 Thank you for awarding me! Mr. Walker has all reason to be bitter – he missed such a great award! But don’t worry, I’m anyway much to shy to talk to strangers.

  3. You eat sauerkraut all day long, even for breakfast?? Ah! That gives it away– you are from Brazil– you are a Brazil nut! : )

    I only know that Tutti is from a very special place, a place worth visiting, a place of joy and laughter. I’m glad I’m here!! Now where can I buy some postcards? I’m especially interested in pictures of sauerkraut… : P

    • Oh great a order from oversea !. I’m very proud to report that my first international postcard is on Etsy. Feel free to order numerous…
      Take 10 cards and I’ll make you the most beautyful sauerkraut pic you ever have seen :-p

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