Star Sign Of The Month: Leo

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Leos loves it to be in the center of attention!


synastry pisces – leo





Are you pregnant or why does your belly hang that much over your pants?



Umm…, there is something I’d like to ask since a long time.

What do you aim, when you tell me every visit, as soon as I openen the door, something mean?



Don’t fuss! That’s just for fun! When I was in your age I also got fat….




Tuttisophie # 26 Some Experiences Are Expensive

Teufel *

Dear Mr. Monastaryyard; Dear Lawyers;

I’ve earned this money with hard work, love and passion and saved it for a nice little oversea trip. Therefore I hope you become happy with and you don’t waste it senseless.

May it be a cozy cushion for you!

Yours sincerely – TUTTI



Anwalt 6


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Desire& Reality

Enttäuschung1Must your hair always look so fuzzy? A women should place value for her look!


AGAIN – A new dress! You must have money to drain…


All my children are disappointing for me! Always desired a child with blue eyes…


You are most underwhelming for me!

Why me of  all people? Just I must get an unathletic daugther..

Well Mum, somehow I can understand you very well….


I would have imagined my mother differerently, too…