Are you pregnant or why does your belly hang that much over your pants?



Umm…, there is something I’d like to ask since a long time.

What do you aim, when you tell me every visit, as soon as I openen the door, something mean?



Don’t fuss! That’s just for fun! When I was in your age I also got fat….





Experiments in the Dark

*This collage has 11 pic’s*

Do you worry at night? Are you scared in the darkness – than let’s shade some light in!

Last week in my THANK YOU post I tried a black background to express some gloomy mood. The post was obviously not so very popular but I love it yet.  It surprised me! The effect, how the black of the pic’s and the black background of my blog merged inspired me!

Let’s play a little together in the dark! Guess what might that be?


No that is not a spy in the dark, not the NSA with your data!

I’ll drop a first hint. Let’s look at the thoughts of that being..


We come closer…. And now let’s switch the light on:


Year Emi, my dog, who is dreaming night and day of treats!

You want one more? What might this be?


Not a clue? We go a little closer…


… this is a green orge who is searching a loo. Ups –  we have shocked him and know he is embarrassed. Sorry! But we are happy to help you finding your way – light on for you:

see some funny- fail-  bathroom signs and read the story how I was locked in a toilette  on Good Geek Ranting



You might think that are two strayed green ogre who will collide soon…

Light on!


Here we are – Space Hero’s with laser swords!

He guys, why do you argue and fight? Look this happens when we add more darkness to darkness!


…and this happens when you enlight a tiny candle



Stop holding your love&peace hippie lecture. I have to make a movie!


Tutti – DON’T MAKE SUCH A MESS.   I’m the producer, stop making nonsense here, my actors get wild when you switch the light on. Look what they do! We are in Hollywood every minute interruption costs me a Million Dollar!

Oh, sorry Mister….

Ok, for today I’ll better cut and run or I get sued. I hope my little galanty show  was entertaining for you!


I wish a nice week, have some fun in the dark and beware of gibberish! Tutti

Check some decent work of me or look how pots fly across the kitchen!

Tutti’s World G – Land

Hooray Tutti’s World –  Germany is online.

Tutti’s Welt

Here a few peep pic’s!



The main reason for me to decide for a second blog was the language interface hitch. Unfortunately it is not possible to use two langages. I would love to know If my posts appear in the reader categories when I write them in english with german interface?!  If anyone can help – I would be greatful!

Besides my friends here complained that they would also like to understand what I do, (..wonder if that is  basically possible at all ???? :-)) and read my blog.

But because I’m a playfully person I wasn’t enthusiastic  to repeat myself and doing the same things again. So I decided to put some of my crafts on a second blog.

OMG – finding, cull and shrink the pic’s was a donkey work! Didn’t know that I have so many pictures even though a lot of the older pieces are not digital. Hope you like it and you come along for a visit in G -Land. Would love to welcome you there !

Let me know what you think and beware of gibberish – TUTTI


Masonry Heater

Hi you, my name is Emi!

I snoop you!

I snoop you!


After my person posted a drawing of me,  I thought better come along personal and check this blogthing. Someone must have an eye on my clumsy person!

Since a few years I’m here as the replacement cat ( that’s a longer story….)  but in contrast to these idle creatures I do a decent job. I report all kind of ringing! Therefore I’ve some basecamps over the house, where I sit and wait highly focused.

Basecamp Kitchen

Basecamp Kitchen


Basecamp Office

Basecamp Office


When I hear any kind of ringing like phone,  doorbell or eggtimer I bark lound and intensive. That ‘s sometimes very exhausting, my person doesn’t react always promptly. Well, I mean she could miss something! Doorbell is special! After my person has already opend the door,  I’ve to welcome everyone with tailwagging, jumping and licking.

As well I’m the fitness trainer of my person! Take my person, regardless for the weather,  twice a day for a walk. And last but not least guard the property and keep it free of cats, fellow passengers and lost socks.




And I’ve a hobby, I AM A DRIVER! I’ll report more about  soon, but for today I must interupt, my person thinks I sleep in my basket … hear that she got finally finish in the bathrom…. we usally go out when she mess around so long in that room…..

Wag Wag sincere  – EMI

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Have extra changed my chlothes for the message of today!



Numbers are overrated!

Does it really matter HOW MANY flowers or culms are on the following picture?


My life in color 137


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