Drop Me A Message


Hey Potatoman

Dear Mr. Bigfoot, it makes me always smile when I see your footprints on my little planet



What about a decent message?

Therefore are great devices invented:

Footprints Geräte

Because I know, that you can’t speak that much, I would be fine with a  flower bouquet or a box of chocolates, too..

Footprints Blumen


Or what about a nice little ocean-going yacht…

Footprints Jacht2

..or a speaking garden gnom..

Footprint Gartenzwerg2


… or you make an efford and contrive something really surprising!

I’m curious if you dare …. :-p


Please no ad’s, no promos, no spamming and no potatos!


Tutti’s World G – Land

Hooray Tutti’s World –  Germany is online.

Tutti’s Welt

Here a few peep pic’s!



The main reason for me to decide for a second blog was the language interface hitch. Unfortunately it is not possible to use two langages. I would love to know If my posts appear in the reader categories when I write them in english with german interface?!  If anyone can help – I would be greatful!

Besides my friends here complained that they would also like to understand what I do, (..wonder if that is  basically possible at all ???? :-)) and read my blog.

But because I’m a playfully person I wasn’t enthusiastic  to repeat myself and doing the same things again. So I decided to put some of my crafts on a second blog.

OMG – finding, cull and shrink the pic’s was a donkey work! Didn’t know that I have so many pictures even though a lot of the older pieces are not digital. Hope you like it and you come along for a visit in G -Land. Would love to welcome you there !

Let me know what you think and beware of gibberish – TUTTI


Masonry Heater

Tuttisophie # 2 012 080 722 085 817 116 900

Have extra changed my chlothes for the message of today!



Numbers are overrated!

Does it really matter HOW MANY flowers or culms are on the following picture?


My life in color 137


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or browse some old stuff ….

Tuttisophie # 11 Spring




Springing makes happy!

Happy springtime to everybody!


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More outdoor activies


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