Tuttisophie # 22 Pay Attention!

Teufel *

I didn’t notice how lean I was until I got thicker


I have many personalities

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Tuttisophie # 18 Ghost Driver

If you have constantly blocking idiots in your way,

then check the direction you head!



More signage for you

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GBD – Grammer – Blindness – Disorder

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Did you ever wonder, while reading my posts, about my manner of expressions?



Circumbendibus! Idiosyncratic turn of phrase!

Today is my comming out – I have GBD – Grammer – Blindness – Disorder.

What does that mean? Main fact –  My mind can’t  work straight.  It works in clouds. See:



Latest technologie and longstandig research makes it possible to cast a glance into my brain. First for  comparison – this is how a common brain process informations:



This is the processing in my brain:




That’s why I please you , if you see me somewhere lost in my clouds,  take me by the hand an help me finding my way…



Dont be shy! When you find gruesome grammer….




(This is an essay, my english teacher forced me to write. Thougt recycling makes this busywork less pointless – LOVE BEING efficient!)


… just let me know. That’s my only chance to orient myself in this logical world.

What’s about that? I award points. If you have collected a certain amount of points (determine  me later – indecisivness is a side effect of GBD) you win a wonderful thing …




…like a washing machine plus a pair of handcrafted woolsocks.

Than you have instandly  some washer – fooat hand. No waiting for loosing socks!

If you are not a friend of loosing socks I could offer you optional a wonderful award to collect dust on:




This is the award:


If you are not happy with all my suggsestions – just let me know. We can talk about everything!

Untill I hear from you, I go on syntaxing how it feels good!

Happy correcting to you!

Hope to hear soon from you! Beware of gibberish – your Tutti


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