Election In Germany


Photo taken in my village today.

Election Poster


Overcome Contents

We have the better arguments

Kiss my ass

The Party


These posters are spread everywhere in our district. The story behind is, a journalist of a humorous – critical –  politic magazine got trouble with the district administration. To annoy them he set up his own party. “The Party”.  Administration attempted to ban the posters, but it was impossible 😉


Tuttisophie # 18 Ghost Driver

If you have constantly blocking idiots in your way,

then check the direction you head!



More signage for you

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Just 3 houses next to me is a well frequented open- air- pub. You migth think that’s handy, but let me tell you more:

In front of my house is a carpark, right under my bedroom. To admit fresh air, love sleeping with open window  – It figures! 

Now the amazing part. After spending hours in the beer garden with chatting, people start again before they enter their car. To lean against the car must have a special magic.

You wouldn’t belive what storys I get to hear, often a bit tipsy or worse, but sometimes very interesting. When it’s to annoying I call down ” Oh very interesting, please go on, let me know the ending before I fall asleep” or “Yes, such an itchy rash can be nasty. Don’t I know your voice from anywhere?”

Than they usually dissapear very quick.  😉  

To crown it all I’ve stopped smoking last summer. That’s basically uber with the tiny exception that the niction cloud of my nightly visitors drafts into my room. Now can pick out what the worse is.  The stink and or my craving.

But  trouble shooting is my favorit, a solution is found. For the next season I’m well prepared. LOOK!

prohibtion sign


You wanna see a resort where smalking is very welcome – look here:

The most amazing kitchen

You want more signs for healthcare – check this