Tuttisophie # 23 Free Development

Teufel *

Personal freedom starts at the freedom of the others!


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Where Has She Been?

Did she got kidnapped by a mean green ogre?

Green Orge


Pizza Flu

And, NOPE –  neither the seafood-pizza-flu!

No, the reason for my long absence is my wonderful new computer!

awesome new computer

My Computergranpa got old and feeble and I was already looking for a new when my son pleased me to swap with him, because he wanted a smaller one for traveling. Then he bought a stylish new Mac Book and disappeared to Asia….

7Transferring everything on the new computer was a stiff piece of work for a technology-goofy like me! And I had to replace some old software I truly loved into  something  SWEARWORD  SWEARWORD   new. Not every progress is an improvement!

Though I got rectangular eyes, in the end when everything was done new and worked well, I was really proud on me!

Two days I was very happy!

First thing which failed was the internet. No connection!

not a clue

First I tried a couple of things by myself. It’s really great to have some more activities between the normal work and appointments. Aaarrrrrr…..

Next day I called the service hotline. That is also awesome – neat music for free! Do you also love the automatic voice? “If you need support press number one; If you need information’s to your contract press two; If you need a loo press zero zero… ”

Finally I got a bored young men who told me my router is defect. A couple of days later I got a new router and  was very happy to receive hundreds of mails. One of them was most curious! My business website provider wrote me that my account got hacked, spammed with malware and they had closed my website!


Eeek! After some more phone queques, service hotlines and hostwebsites I detected many new things. Had heard  awesome terms like FTP access, spot that my computer-expert was on vacation and started to grasp why it is a good idea to have a list with all the passwords…..

Short version – I HAD NOT A CLUE!!!!

Who could I ask? Nerd missed my message somehow…


And that’s not mentioning, at the same time my old cellphone started to dissolve. I was fine with the blurry display, but finally people couldn’t hear me when I tried to call them. That is nonpractical…

Because I didn’t feel like more hotlines I went into the service shop and asked for a new phone. And the stunning salesperson offered me a phone-bone:


I’m not shure what in this salesperson mind is going on?! Perhaps he thought I’m an elderly lady …or he red in my aura that my technology skills are low….


OK, I’m not the youngest but the device he offered me was offending! I want a smart phone!

To get rid of me he thrusted me a catalog into my hand, which I studied over the weekend.

GOODY a least with catalogs and shopping I’m well versed!

Monday than I was prepared! Prepared for one more call with the service hotline!

I was prepared to complain about the bad service,  hotlines at large, was prepared complaining about my host, the defect router, the viri in my computer, the bottle device at supermarket, the eternal bad whether, the old heating, my ailments and a customer who calls me ten times a day!!!!


Some more hold-on-music made me every minute more prepared ….

A voice like an angel took my phone call. Had a lovely young lady at phone. It was simply impossible to be angry with her…

“…hm, yes, I understand you…, hm, yes, but your contract…hm, hm..”

I answered, “HEY I’m your customer since 2008, I always pay my bills and never asked for a new phone. If I would quit my contract you would send me endless offers. Why don’t you treat me well right now. Than you save me the trouble to quit and you the trouble to send me offers”!

So what shall I tell you? Here we are! My new toy is arrived 🙂Ausstellung 14.sept 044

After this little victory I felt reinvigorated  to grapple with Pandora’s box again


Did you know that angelwings are invisible on earth? This angels look like you and me and appear when you need them urgent.

I know someone, who knows someone, who has a co-worker! And exactly this wonderful co-worker was so friendly to care for me and my naughty computer! THANK YOU THOMAS!!!!! Thank you very much!

I roll out a red carpet for you…


thank you

Look what he found inside!!!!

trojaner 007

* Trojans! *

Well I mused quite long about these trojans. As much as I know the Greeks tried to conquer Troy. Because the famous invulnerable town walls the war dragged on and on…

Odysseus, member of the ‘Greek-Department’ devised a ruse to shorten the war (…and grabbing some treasures). So THE GREEKS builded the big horse, and THE GREEKS hid inside. The gullible Trojans thought the horse is a present of the gods and pulled it inside their fortress.

Hey cyberworld – I suggest to change the term into GREEKS!

You see some of the prejudices about Germans are not so wrong. We are really wiseacre!

OK, let’s compromise and say – there was an illegal party in my computer and aliens ate my mails for breakfast  😉

virenparty 004

But no matter the appellation, Thomas is a detailed perfectionist. He came with the big steamroller and took a clean sweep.


Here we are! Only a couple of weeks later I’m back with my extra clean and superfast computer!!!!


Nice to see you again!

Beware of gibberish and new computers – TUTTI

PS: For the cute green ogre I’ve invented a decent business. You can visit him on my Etsy

PS: Asia seems to be nicely


Tuttisophie # 20 espionage



I’m not so shocked about the secret service data scandal.

I live in a village – I’m used to that!

My neighborhood knows everything about me.

Even things I don’t know about myself…….


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Tutti’s World G – Land

Hooray Tutti’s World –  Germany is online.

Tutti’s Welt

Here a few peep pic’s!



The main reason for me to decide for a second blog was the language interface hitch. Unfortunately it is not possible to use two langages. I would love to know If my posts appear in the reader categories when I write them in english with german interface?!  If anyone can help – I would be greatful!

Besides my friends here complained that they would also like to understand what I do, (..wonder if that is  basically possible at all ???? :-)) and read my blog.

But because I’m a playfully person I wasn’t enthusiastic  to repeat myself and doing the same things again. So I decided to put some of my crafts on a second blog.

OMG – finding, cull and shrink the pic’s was a donkey work! Didn’t know that I have so many pictures even though a lot of the older pieces are not digital. Hope you like it and you come along for a visit in G -Land. Would love to welcome you there !

Let me know what you think and beware of gibberish – TUTTI


Masonry Heater


* This story has 11 pic’s*

Yesterday I was sad. I felt so lonely and overcharged by all the thing which should be done.

When I have one of ‘those’ days, then I’m full of doubts about the things I do….



I sent a prayer to heaven ….



and hoped that someone up there will hear it….



The very next morning, just had my first coffee I got a call.

A friend who struggles since a long time with cancer phoned me.



Although she had have a hard time, we didn’t speak only about her disease. There were a lot of things to chat about…



… I admire her for all the power she has still for her family and her job and I was happy to hear that she is going on holiday soon. We were laughing about these and that and an hour was quick over!



After we finished, I felt humbly. I have really good reasons to be the happiest person under the sun!

Had not so much time for rumination – my doorbell was ringing. Sunday midmorning – didn’t expect anyone???




The very first I saw, was a big bunch of flowers!



Then I was truly surprised. A women I almost don’t know stood there with a big smile.

Had met her lately coincidently. She had felt blue and we were talking a while. I know, I can be very encouraging and quite often I have my very own way to solve problems, but I didn’t assign this little talk so many value.

And now, she came to thank me because I had helped her that much. Felt humbly again!

One more hour flew past…



Just as we said good-by the permanently gloomy gray sky ripped up …



…and turned into a bright blue sky! Had missed the sun very long…

Jumped  happily on my bike!



While I was flying on my bike across the landscape I was very grateful and my mind reflected the occurrences.

Thank you God that you send your message so quick!

And one thing was sudden very clear for me. My little wonder today was possible to happen because people had opened up and spoke about their sentiments, especially these unwanted we usually try to hide! That’s why I’ve made these post 😉

And how often do we torture ourself with the things we think we should do and how easy do we miss or under-estimate all our daily goals!

Have a wonderful sun-day and beware of gibberish – TUTTI

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